Addressing physician reimbursement challenges and laws prohibiting insurance companies from unfair billing practices.

Navigating through the never-ending roadblocks in the practice of medicine can be a daunting process.   


Emergency healthcare providers are operating in an environment of decreasing reimbursement, complex regulations, and increasing audits and other investigations by government agencies and commercial insurance companies.


The healthcare reimbursement system is an extremely complex framework of obtaining payment for services and one of the most problematic issues is that the “rules” governing healthcare reimbursement change frequently, with government payers sometimes changing on a day-to-day basis.

Due to decreasing reimbursement and delayed payment by various payors, physicians should revisit their billing efficiencies and collections cycles.

In light of the current medical reimbursement and health care landscape, a strong case can be made for a physician to hire a qualified attorney - well-versed in medical reimbursement litigation - as the billing specialist to recover earned revenue and to help avoid potential regulatory pitfalls and liability exposure within your practice.


We work with our clients, in a complex health care environment, to hold insurance companies accountable for illegal reimbursement practices. We handle reimbursement issues so physicians can perform their daily job routine without the need to worry about constant underpayment pressures.

If your patient's insurer underpaid, delayed or denied your reimbursement claim, we would love to hear your story. We invite you and your billing staff to share your experiences regarding today's health care crisis. For free one-on-one help with contracting, billing, and payment problems, call our office to discuss. We will be happy to hear from you look forward to learning about your case.

Educate your office staff with new laws and help your practice avoid liability exposure.

For a no obligation case analysis, use our ONLINE FORM and attorney with call you or your manager to discuss your case potential. 

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