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Convicted Durham billionaire Greg Lindberg’s attempt at an acquittal and new trial has been rejected by a federal judge.

Judge Max Cogburn has denied an April motion by Lindberg’s legal team that would have reversed his conviction in a federal bribery scheme.

Lindberg’s attorneys had argued in an April memorandum that “a properly instructed reasonable jury” could not have found him guilty. Attorneys also argued that Lindberg was “entitled to a judgment of acquittal or a new trial on entrapment,” alleging that North Carolina Department of Insurance Commissioner Mike C...

The class action was filed in June 2016, in the Western District of Missouri by Michael Vogt and other individuals who owned universal life insurance policy form 94030 issued by State Farm.

The lawsuit alleged that State Farm breached the terms of the policies by overcharging policyholders through cost of insurance provisions causing policies to lose value and in many cases lapse, leaving many without life insurance.

Trial commenced June 1, 2018 and the jury awarded $34.3 million to approximately 24,000 Missouri policyholders. State Farm appealed to the Eighth Circui...

Ben-E-Lect, a third-party insurance claim administrator, developed a medical expense reimbursement plan; employers could buy a group policy of medical insurance with a high deductible and self-fund to pay for the healthcare expenses employees incurred within the annual deductible or any copay requirement. The practice of employers’ using such plans in conjunction with a high-deductible health plan is called “wrapping.” Ben-E-Lect was the state’s largest third-party administrator for small group employers who wrapped their employee medical policies. Anthem provides...

A court ordered Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas to pay more than $108 million in damages and attorney fees to two closed rural Texas hospitals.

Court filings in the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Western District of Texas showed that BCBSTX was ordered to make the payments to Little River Healthcare, which had hospitals in Rockdale and Cameron, Texas. The hospitals went into bankruptcy in 2018.

Former Texas Supreme Court Justice Harriet O'Neill, an independent arbitrator, awarded the amount to the hospitals during arbitration proceedings. Little River had argued BCBST...

Following a ruling in the U.S. Supreme Court, North Carolina's largest insurer says it will receive hundreds of millions of dollars to recover losses it incurred through the Affordable Care Act – money that could help offset huge expenses the company estimates it will face due to the coronavirus pandemic.

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The federal government must “honor its obligations” and pay private insurers $12 billion owed to them under an Obamacare provision aimed at encouraging them to offer medical coverage to uninsured Americans, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled on Monday.

The 8-1 ruling authored by liberal Justice Sonia Sotomayor paves the way for a significant one-time cash infusion for major companies such as Humana Inc, Anthem Inc and Centene Corp. The justices reversed a lower court’s ruling that Congress had suspended the government’s obligation to make such payments under the Affordab...

The behavioral health units of UnitedHealthcare and Cigna face four class-action lawsuits claiming the insurers conspired with a third-party company to underpay providers and balance bill patients hundreds of millions of dollars.

The lawsuits, filed by law firm Napoli Shkolnik April 5, accuse United Behavioral Health and Cigna Behavioral Health of using Viant as a middleman company to systematically lower payments to out-of-network outpatient providers for substance abuse and mental health treatment. The lawsuit alleges providers got less than 5 percent of what they...

Durham billionaire Greg Lindberg has been found guilty of orchestrating what the feds have called a widespread political bribery scandal.

Following a trial that lasted from Feb. 19 through this week, a jury in Charlotte handed down its verdict Thursday morning before Judge Max Cogburn. Lindberg was found guilty of trying to bribe N.C. Insurance Commissioner Mike Causey with the promise of campaign money. He was also found guilty on another public corruptions charge.

Lindberg's Associate John Gray was also found guilty on the two public corruption charges. They b...

San Jose Neurospine is battling Aetna Health California in court, alleging that the insurer illegally refused to pay for emergency medical services performed by spine surgeon Adebukola Onibokun, MD, the practice's owner.

What you should know:

1. The case centers on a two-level lumbar microdiscectomy that Dr. Onibokun performed in April 2017. San Jose Neurospine submitted two claims to Aetna for reimbursement — one for emergency medical services and one for nonemergency surgery. Aetna only provided payment for the latter.

2. San Jose Neurospine filed a civil action aga...

The founder and CEO of Americore Health, which owns and operates hospitals in three states, is under civil and criminal investigation, according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.

One of Americore's hospitals, Ellwood City (Pa.) Medical Center, was raided by the FBI on Jan. 30. Federal agents raided Americore CEO Grant White's personal residence on Jan. 29, according to the report.

Americore and its affiliated hospitals filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in late December. In court documents filed this month, U.S. Trustee Paul Randolph said Mr. White "improperly siphoned mo...

More details revealed as allegations unfold of Stanford Hospitals unlawfully charging Northern California patients and falsifying their records. The case is captioned United States vs. Stanford et al. Case No. CV 17-08726-DSF (AFMx). It is a live case in the Central District Federal Court.

The Department of Justice also just filed in Federal Court a “Statement of Interest” in support of the false claims action (“FCA”) against Stanford Health Care (formerly Stanford Hospitals and Clinics).

The Complaint alleges that Stanford is a purported non-profit organization...

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