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A politically charged lawsuit that originally would have pitted seven independent New Jersey hospitals against the state’s largest health insurance company has ended. Less than two hours before oral arguments were to begin in a Hackensack courtroom, The Valley Hospital, the last remaining plaintiff in the case, agreed to withdraw its claim that Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey’s OMNIA health plans violated the spirit of its contract with the hospital. Horizon said in a statement it was “pleased to have reached an agreement with Valley Health System. We...

CentraState Medical Center in Freehold Thursday became the latest hospital to drop a three-year-old lawsuit against Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey that accused the state's dominant health insurance provider of squeezing community hospitals out of the market.

CentraState was once one of seven hospitals that sued Horizon for relegating them to a more expensive tier in the company's OMNIA discount health plans, which Horizon said would revolutionize health care options in the state.

Valley Hospital in Ridgewood, the last plaintiff in the case, an...

A 13-year-old class-action lawsuit accusing New Jersey's largest insurance carrier of short-changing surgery centers across the state ended Friday, resulting in a settlement of at least $160 million, federal court records and the lead attorney in the case said.

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey denies the "material factual allegations and legal claims" contained in the lawsuit, but both sides agreed to settle and avoid further protracted and expensive litigation, according to the settlement.

The settlement is an important win for the 180 same-day surgery c...

As part of a civil lawsuit alleging wage discrimination, a long-time Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield executive who left the company last year alleges the insurance giant "knowingly and systematically" underpaid claims.

Kim Dans, 50, of Farmingdale, alleges the company "turned a blind eye" to the practice because it knew few members would contest the underpayments.

Dans worked for the company for more than two decades rising through the ranks until a pay dispute and concerns about accounting problems put her at odds with her supervisor, according to the lawsuit.


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