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Blue Cross Blue Shield insurers in six states have sued CVS Health Corp. over an alleged scheme to overcharge them for generic drugs by submitting claims for payment at “inflated prices.”

The lawsuit, filed May 27 in the Rhode Island federal court, added to mounting pressure that CVS has been facing since 2015 over its cash discount programs, which it said were designed to compete with Walmart and other “big-box” discounted pharmacies.

According to the complaint, health insurers typically negotiate “lesser-of” contracts with pharmacy benefits middlemen to pay the low...

A group of Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in New York has sued Walgreens, alleging that the retail pharmacy giant has been overcharging for prescription drugs for more than a decade, according to Crain's Chicago Business.

The lawsuit accuses Walgreens of submitting prescription drug claims to BCBS at artificially inflated prices since 2007. 

BCBS alleges that Walgreens inflated the prices by billing for inflated "usual and customary prices," or the cost the general public would pay for prescriptions without going through insurance, instead of using a lower rate that ma...

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