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Before you borrow from your home's equity, it is critical to understand exactly what a HELOC is, what it isn't, and how to avoid falling into financial trouble with this kind of loan.

HELOCs Vs. home equity loans: What's the difference?

In order to determine whether a HELOC is right for you, it's important to understand the difference between a HELOC and a home equity loan. Some consumers confuse the two or assume they are interchangeable terms. In both types of loans, a homeowner taps into their home's equity, which is the difference between the home's market value...

An opinion recently published by California’s Second Appellate District — Gietzen v. Covenant RE Management, Inc. — addresses the impact of foreclosure on the rights of a third party beneficiary to a lease.

Facts: commercial tenant obtains judgment against landlord limited partnership; tries to amend judgment to include landlord’s general partner

Yolanda’s Inc. owned and operated a restaurant in the Seabridge Shopping Center in Oxnard, and leased space from a limited partnership (Rocklin Covenant Group, LP) and a related LLC.  Yolanda’s president Rod Gietzen p...

When you pay state and local taxes, parking fees and other payments to your regional government, chances are those funds will almost immediately end up in a corporate bank.

For instance, until recently the majority of these payments to the city of Los Angeles were held by Wells Fargo, a bank that has routinely paid out millions of dollars in fines and settlements due to predatory lending, foreclosure abuses and defrauding investors. Although the Los Angeles City Council voted in December 2017 to divest from Wells Fargo, the city must still use the banking services o...

Imagine a health-care system in which doctors and nurses are so exhausted and beaten down that many of them work like zombies — error-prone, apathetic toward patients and at times trying to blunt their own pain with alcohol or even suicide attempts.

That is what America’s broken health care system is doing to its health workers, according to a 312-page report released Wednesday by the National Academy of Medicine, one of the country’s most prestigious medical institutions.

The report found that as many as half of the country’s doctors and nurses experience substantia...

Sembule Group was the first company owned by Ugandans to manufacture steel products, including wire mesh and nails. It became household name when it extended to financial services by starting the Sembule Investment Bank, an insurance firm - Pan World Insurance and a television and radio assembling plant.

In the late 90s, it also ventured into manufacturing energy saving bulbs. The company’s troubles started in 1997 when it acquired a loan from PTA Bank to expand its banking experience but the bank [Sembule Investment Bank] was run down by poor management, according...

Blue Shield of California (BSC) is launching a real-time claims payment pilot in Sacramento with assistance from OODA Health and Dignity Health, according to an announcement Wednesday morning.

As part of the collaboration, patients will be issued consolidated medical bills closer to the time when care was provided and have the option to choose when they will pay their balance, either immediately or in installments.

Jeff Semenchuk, chief innovation officer at BSC, said the first claim through the pilot has already been processed.

"With the help of OODA a...

Three officers of a mortgage company have been arrested on a 121-count felony indictment for allegedly operating a mortgage fraud scheme that mostly targeted seniors and resulted in losses of more than $7 million, state Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced Friday.

The specific counts against Steven Rogers, Robert Sedlar and Audrey Gan include conspiracy, grand theft, elder abuse, filing false or forged documents in a public office and engaging in a prohibited act as a foreclosure consultant.

The victims, many of whom were elderly and in financial distress,sought...

Three people associated with Grand View Financial LLC have been indicted for running a mortgage fraud scheme throughout California, including San Diego County.

The scam targeted many elderly and financially distressed homeowners by promising mortgage and foreclosure relief, with combined losses totaling $7 million, according to California Attorney General Xavier Becerra.

“Individuals who prey on vulnerable communities to enrich themselves will be held accountable by the California Department of Justice,” said Becerra in a statement released Friday.

Steven Rogers, Robe...

Gov. Gavin Newsom visited San Diego Wednesday to sign a new state law that boosts funding for free legal assistance to help people facing evictions and foreclosures.

The law, SB 331, also aims to boost housing production statewide by giving the state attorney general power to force cities and counties to have blueprints for housing production that meet state goals.

Newsom said the new law, combined with separate rent control legislation he signed Tuesday, is part of an aggressive push to reduce the statewide scarcity of affordable housing.

“The California Dream is pre...

A recently unsealed lawsuit (unsealed going forward from July 30, 2019) in Federal Court alleges healthcare fraud by Stanford and Stanford Healthcare in Palo Alto, California. Stanford General Counsel and Vice President Debra Zumwalt is a named Defendant for her alleged knowledge and cover-up of the billing fraud. The lawsuit is United States et. al., vs. Stanford et. al., Case No. CV 17-08726-DSF (AFMx).

The suit was filed in December 2017 on behalf of the United States and California as an under-seal Complaint. Ms. Juarez specializes in false claims acts and rep...

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