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Homebuyer confidence is dropping, and more than half of current house hunters plan to put their home search on hold until the economy recovers, according to survey data released this week by

The survey this month by Toluna Research found that more than 36 percent of 755 active home buyers expect the U.S. to go through a recession next year. This is up by about 6 percent when shoppers were asked the same question this past March.

An additional 17 percent of house hunters expect a recession to hit sometime this year, while 14 percent think it will start in...

The largest parcel of land for sale in Los Angeles, that comes with precious grandfathered-in rights to build 12 feet higher than current code, has sold for a fraction of its worth after years of discord and some last minute legal wrangling.

A 157-acre parcel called "The Mountain," sold for $100,000 during a foreclosure auction earlier today, as the L.A. Times reported. To add yet another layer of intrigue to a story that has its share of discord over the past decade, the 'buyer' of the land was the trust who still held a lien on the property. By buying it back they...

Felicia Morrison is eager to find a health plan for next year that costs less than the one she has and covers more of the medical services she needs for her chronic autoimmune disease.

Morrison, a solo lawyer in Stockton, Calif., buys coverage for herself and her twin sons through Covered California, the state’s Affordable Care Act insurance marketplace. Morrison, 57, gets a federal subsidy to help pay for her coverage and she said that her monthly premium of $167 is manageable. But she spends thousands of dollars a year on deductibles, copayments and care not cover...

Gov. Gavin Newsom proposed Wednesday to spend California’s share of a national mortgage settlement on legal assistance for struggling homeowners and renters, funds that lawmakers illegally diverted in 2014 to help erase the state’s budget deficit.

The governor’s announcement of the effort at an event in Los Angeles came as a surprise to the community groups that sued the state, who said they had wanted to help craft plans for the money. And the leader of one group remained worried skeptical that the money would be used as promised.

Newsom unveiled the broad outlines...

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