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Drew Calver took out his trash cans and then waved goodbye to his wife, Erin, as she left for the grocery store the morning that upended his picture-perfect life.

Minutes later, the popular high school history teacher and swim coach in Austin, Texas, collapsed in his bedroom from a heart attack. He pounded his fist on the bed frame, violent chest pains pinning him to the floor.

"I thought I was dying," the 44-year-old father recalled. He called out to the only other person in the house, his oldest daughter, Eleanor, now 7. Using the voice-recognition feature on his p...

Ashley Summers said she got an unpleasant surprise in February when she tried to pick up a prescription for her rheumatoid arthritis: Her pharmacy said her insurance had been canceled, even though her premiums were paid.

Summers called Blue Shield of California and got her policy reinstated — then she said it happened again in March and this time, the lapse in coverage dragged on for three months.

Without insurance to cover her medications and doctor visits, her arthritis and fibromyalgia worsened to the point that she could barely walk, she said. In June, she said,...

Health insurer Anthem has refused to comply with the U.S. Justice Department's investigation into its Medicare Advantage billing practices, according to federal court documents filed Tuesday.

So the Justice Department this week asked the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to force Anthem to comply with a civil investigative demand issued in March to provide testimony about its chart review and risk-adjustment program for its Medicare Advantage plans.

The Justice Department initially demanded the testimony by April 13 but said Anthem has yet...

A federal judge in California has given final approval to a $115 million settlement involving health insurer Anthem over its 2015 data breach. The settlement is the largest ever recorded for a class-action lawsuit filed over a data breach. But most victims will receive no money.

The class-action suit has been winding its way through federal court in San Jose since mid-2015 and is the result of a consolidation of more than 100 lawsuits filed against Anthem.

Most of the settlement fund will be used to fund two more years of credit monitoring and fraud resolution servic...

Finance titan Wells Fargo admitted in regulatory filings this week that a software glitch had resulted in some 625 customers incorrectly being denied or not offered mortgage modifications, with approximately 400 of them subsequently losing their homes.

News of the glitch was first reported by Reuters, which noted it was just one facet of “numerous regulatory penalties, private lawsuits and remediation efforts” Wells Fargo is currently facing down including government probes involving multiple federal agencies into how it acquired low-income housing credits. Per CNN...

As Wells Fargo reels from revelations that its mistake cost hundreds of people their homes, the bank is blaming the problem on faulty computer software.

Last week, the bank apologized for denying, or not offering, lower mortgage payments to about 625 customers who should have qualified for the adjustments as they struggled to pay their mortgages in the Great Recession. Wells said that after its error, about 400 people in the group ultimately lost their homes to foreclosure.

Wells did not rule out uncovering additional people who lost their homes because of this probl...

A computer glitch at Wells Fargo WFC, -0.34%   may have caused more than 400 people to lose their homes, the company admitted on Friday.

Between April 2010 and October 2015, a malfunctioning Wells Fargo tool miscalculated whether homeowners would qualify for a federally-backed program to modify mortgage payments and keep their homes.

As a result, 625 qualified customers were denied a loan modification, causing at least 400 to lose their homes. A spokesman for Wells Fargo said the people whose homes were lost after being denied a modification may have been foreclosed...

BofI Holding, Inc. (BOFI) (the “Company”), parent of BofI Federal Bank (“BofI” or the “Bank”), announced today that the Bank has signed a deposit purchase and assumption agreement (“DAA”) with Nationwide Bank to acquire approximately $3 billion in deposits from Nationwide Bank, including $1 billion in checking, savings and money market accounts and $2 billion in time deposit accounts. BofI and Nationwide Bank expect to receive regulatory approval and complete the deposit acquisition and transfer during the fourth quarter of 2018.

“We are excited to welcome Nationwid...

Wells Fargo will pay a $2.09 billion civil penalty over allegations the company originated and sold residential mortgage loans that included misstated income information, the Justice Department said Wednesday.

The bank's actions contributed to the financial crisis, the agency said.

The bank allegedly knew that the loans "contained misstated income information and did not meet the quality that Wells Fargo represented," the department said.

"Investors, including federally insured financial institutions, suffered billions of dollars in losses from investing in residentia...

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