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On August 13, the Judicial Council of California voted to end two temporary emergency rules governing evictions and judicial foreclosures. The first rule prohibited the issuance of summons or entering of defaults in eviction actions unless the case involved public health and safety issues, and required that trials be set at least 60 days after a request for a trial. The second emergency rule stayed all pending judicial foreclosure actions other than those involving issues of public health and safety, tolled the statute of limitations on filing such actions, and ext...

After a substantial decline last week, the number of borrowers in coronavirus-related mortgage bailout programs dropped by a lot less this week.

It’s a signal that homeowners still need a lot more help in order to recover from the ongoing economic ills of the pandemic. There are also indications that a new foreclosure crisis could be on the horizon.

As of this week, 3.7 million borrowers are still in government and private sector mortgage forbearance programs. That’s about 7% of all active mortgages, according to Black Knight, a mortgage technology and data firm. The...

The coronavirus global health pandemic — and the new emphasis on social distancing to slow down the spread of COVID-19 — has put healthcare and tech services used to enable healthcare remotely under the spotlight. Today a startup that’s building microinsurance and healthcare services specifically targeting emerging markets is announcing a round of funding to meet a surge in demand for its services.

BIMA, a startup that provides life and health insurance policies, along with telemedicine to support the latter, all via a mobile-first platform targeting consumers in em...

Blue Shield of California today announced its new "Neighborhood Health Dashboard," an online tool that will advance public health services, and increase transparency around community health and help address health disparities in California.

The Neighborhood Health Dashboard uses data intelligence from dozens of sources to create a comprehensive picture of a community's health including: health outcomes, preventative health care, utilization and access, health behaviors, social risk factors, and environment and economic health conditions.

The innovative onli...

Aetna has been fined by California’s Department of Managed Health Care for denying emergency room claims against the state’s standards.

“The plan’s failure to follow California law for reimbursing emergency room claims is unacceptable,” said Acting DMHC Director Mary Watanabe. “This has resulted in Aetna wrongfully denying emergency room claims. Aetna must follow the state’s health care laws to ensure enrollees have access to the care they need.”

According to California law, health plans are required to cover emergency services. The only exceptions are if the he...

Fabian Ramirez needs more time to catch up on the rent he couldn’t pay when the coronavirus outbreak put him out of work last spring. He’s in the hole by more than $5,000 — a burden for a laborer with a family to feed.

“It’s a lot,” said Ramirez of Sacramento, who took home about $2,200 a month from his work before the outbreak and had little savings.

His options depend in part on whether Gov. Gavin Newsom and California state lawmakers can reach a deal over the next week to extend renter protections that expire Sept. 2.

If they can’t make an agreement, up to 4 millio...

Convicted Durham billionaire Greg Lindberg’s attempt at an acquittal and new trial has been rejected by a federal judge.

Judge Max Cogburn has denied an April motion by Lindberg’s legal team that would have reversed his conviction in a federal bribery scheme.

Lindberg’s attorneys had argued in an April memorandum that “a properly instructed reasonable jury” could not have found him guilty. Attorneys also argued that Lindberg was “entitled to a judgment of acquittal or a new trial on entrapment,” alleging that North Carolina Department of Insurance Commissioner Mike C...

Ready or not, California is poised to end its historic ban on evictions and foreclosures, a possibility that has lawmakers rushing to extend the measure.

Remarks released this week by California Chief Justice Tani Cantil-Sakauye indicate that the temporary ban could be lifted as soon as Aug. 14, when the state Judicial Council will vote again.

In April, the Judicial Council ruled that California courts would not process orders related to commercial and residential evictions and foreclosures. Now, Cantil-Sakuye said the matter should turn to the legislature “for...

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra issued a letter to 33 mortgage servicers, reminding them of their obligations to homeowners and tenants under the state's Homeowner Bill of Rights. The letter comes as homeowners throughout the state brace for a wave of COVID-19 related foreclosures and post-foreclosure evictions.

"As the dual economic and public health crises continue, many California homeowners may fall behind on their mortgage payments," Becerra wrote in his letter. "During times like these, we must rely on laws, such as the California Homeowner Bill of...

Individual health insurance premiums in California will go up 0.6% next year.

It’s the smallest increase since the launch of the federal Affordable Care Act. State officials announced the new rates Tuesday.

The rates apply to the 1.5 million people who purchase health insurance through Covered California, the state insurance marketplace.

Covered California Executive Director Peter Lee says the increase is lower in part because more healthier people are buying insurance during the coronavirus pandemic.

Premiums increased an average of 8.5 percentage points per year from...

The fate of the Affordable Care Act is again on the line Tuesday, as a federal appeals court in New Orleans takes up a case in which a lower court judge has already ruled the massive health law unconstitutional.

If the lower court ruling is ultimately upheld, the case, Texas v. United States, has the potential to shake the nation's entire health care system to its core. First, such a decision would immediately affect the estimated 20 million people who get their health coverage through programs created under the law. But ending the ACA would also create chaos in oth...

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